The A B C’s of Estate Sales
By Ronda Bly

A As is
Most estate sale transactions are final, and the merchandise is sold as is. We do our best to label as is on damaged pieces, but we may miss something, so check well

B Bathroom
Please note that not all homes provide access to a bathroom. So if you’re refused it’s usually because the family has stored personal items and there isn’t another available.

C Change
Try to bring change with you i.e. $1, $2, $5 and $10 bills instead of only $20’s that everybody gets from ATMs. After the first hour the many many $5’s that we bring to the estate sale are often depleted. And remember cash only.

D Dogs
Although most of us love dogs, some homeowners don’t appreciate them in their homes. For that reason please ask before you walk in with your dog.

E Electric
Please plug in any electric items (vacuums, toasters, coffee makers, etc.) or electronic (radios stereo phones, etc.) to test if it works. We do not live here and may not know.

F French
If French is your first or preferred language, go ahead. Nous parlons francais ici.

G Gmail
Gmail…Hotmail…Yahoo…Sympatico… We may be unable to answer specific questions when you send us an email usually because the item is not in front of us. Better to come over and take a look yourself.

H Hiver
Contrairement à des ventes de garage d’été saisonniers, notre vente du succession géré toute l’année de hiver – printemps – été – automne.

I Invite
We do not pre-invite buyers in to sell items before a sale. Everyone has an equal chance the day of the sale.

J Join
We hope you will join our website and become part of our estate sale family. Now with the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation Act, all new clients must register themselves on the website. Thank you.

K Keats… Kors…
From books by Keats to Kafka to Kipling or designer clothing by Kors to Karl to Kate –the tenacious buyer will discover many finds over time.

L Labor of Love
We pride ourselves on the quality of our organization in presenting these sales to you. For us it is a Labor of Love.

M Merchandise
Unlike some other Estate Sale Companies, our policy is to not bring in our own merchandise to sell. All merchandise is from the current week’s home. In extenuating circumstances if it is necessary to piggy back a clients’ merchandise onto another sale, we advise our clients on our website.

N Negotiable
Many of our prices are negotiable. Please ask.

O Offers
Offers on items are always welcome. You never know, your offer may be accepted on the spot, later that day or the next day.

P Patience
If we are a few minutes late in opening, please be patient, as sometimes the owners add items at the last moment and they have to be placed and priced. We are working as fast as possible.

Q Quiet
If you are waiting in the lobby or hall of an apartment or condo, please be quiet, as noise can be disturbing to other residents and management.

R Respect
We feel respect is paramount to our interaction with our clients and expect the same back. As well, when parking please respect the neighborhood by not parking in or in front of a neighbor’s driveway.

S Start
We don’t start a sale before the advertised time. So rest assured you won’t arrive at a sale scheduled to start at a specified time and discover it opened early.

T Trash/Treasure
As the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So dig in and most of all, enjoy.

U Ubiquitous
While some of the items for sale are ubiquitous. Some are quite rare.

V Vacation/Vortex
Take a vacation from your work week and enter into the vortex of estate sale mania.

W Website
W Website
We are very proud of our website. A lot of hard work has gone into its creation. Please sign up to be alerted of upcoming sales with photos and content.

See you there…xoxo.. Hey, if you think of a better “X” I’ll use it. LOL.

Y You
You are our valued client whom we aim to please as much as possible. We want you to come back.

Z From A to Z
Many of our Estate Sales offer the full gamut of items from A-Z. Look around and your discoveries will abound.