Ronda Bly and her team were extremely helpful in organizing 2 estate sales on our behalf. We would like to thank her and recommend her services to anyone who may want to stage a wonderful sale on their premises.
Lise & Paul
I highly recommend Ronda Bly, for anyone's sale. She works very hard, crazy long hours, and she finds value when you least expect it.
Susie M.
We want to begin by expressing our thanks for the great work that Ronda and her team accomplished on our behalf. Ronda, you exceeded our expectations! You are truly a seasoned professional who helped us through a very difficult and trying time and were gracious throughout the whole process. Due to your hard work and dedication, we would be happy to recommend your services to anyone who would be preparing for such an event. Many thanks, D, K & J - Montreal
D, K & J
Ronda Bly was introduced to us by several friends who had had their estate sales with her. Everyone could only say the nicest things about her. She is a consummate professional and works very hard to help everyone thru this difficult process. She is efficient, and sincere… qualities hard come by in most any profession. Her patience and understanding are exemplary. She makes the process feel seamless, Her advise, negotiations, scheduling and team are reasons she has earned such a fine reputation. I would not hesitate to recommend her.I am grateful to have had her for the sale and even more grateful to have someone in my life that is so attentive, sensitive and trustworthy. Ronda you are special!
Ricki Carr
Good Morning Ronda Just a note to thank you for your help with the sale of my things. Your sincerity, efficiency and efforts on my behalf are very much appreciated. I found the right person to look after this difficult project for me. Thank you, Take care, Rose
Hi Ronda, thanks for forwarding this summary list. This captures everything that we discussed. We’re pleased that it worked to be able to have some of Nanny’s things continue in the family. Thanks again for your professionalism and supporting the family – quite a process. Regards, Carol
Ronda, you are wonderful!!!!! Can't thank you enough for your expertise, professionalism and patience with me. I'll recommend you whenever circumstances call for it.
Ronda Bly is the consummate professional. She has definitely earned her reputation as #1 for estate sales in this city. As a temporary custodian of others’ possessions, Ronda makes her complex skills as trusted intermediary seem almost simple, as she deftly manages appraisals, advice, sales, negotiations, schedules, inventories, teammates, collaborators and more all in a day’s work - not to mention, euphemistically speaking, occasional persistent hagglers and equivocal sellers. Ronda has managed two past estate sales for me and now, after returning to Canada, I am experiencing her integrity and fairness from the public point of view too. Highly recommended.
"It was a god send to have chosen Ronda Bly and her wonderful team to do our estate sale. As a certified appraiser Ronda Bly provided more than a professional evaluation when we began this process. Her honesty, integrity and human touch put me at ease immediately. I knew I was in the best hands in the city! Ronda Bly and her courteous, bonded team are dedicated professionals who bring a degree of care and sensitivity that is unparalleled! It was like having my brilliant family taking care of us in addressing this sensitive issue. I am so very grateful in how they went the extra mile to do their very best for us even after the sale was officially over! I highly recommend Ronda Bly, a highly qualified, trustworthy, attentive, thorough, consummate professional who is Amazing in every way!"
Brigitte, Grateful client, NYC
Hi Ronda. Hope you are well and busy with your sales. Just wanted to say Thank you for all your help and support and hard work. You made a very difficult task more manageable and we appreciate that. Hope our paths cross again in the future. All the best to you,
Thanks Ronda. I also got your wire notification. Thanks for handling that. I guess that wraps it up. Thank you for all your help and the professional way you handled everything. Kind regards.
I have been talking with my mom about last week and the sale on Saturday. I want to thank you immensely!!! It seems that it was quite successful. And even more, she has been glowing in her praises for how efficient and attentive you and your team have been. She said literally “I have been treated as though I were a queen” by everyone – Ronda and her team have been so gracious and courteous to me – at all times. So I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this – I was not able to be in Montreal last week (work related obligations in Florida), so I was feeling a bit sad about that. Knowing that she was in great hands is terrific. This is a stressful moment (moving is always difficult, and this move is a big change for my mom), and I am so glad that she seems to be actually doing quite well. And those comments are heartfelt (she does not praise easily). I’ll try to call you, but in the meantime, thank you so much again. I am delighted that we met and got connected.
Many thanks for doing such an excellent job on my Estate Sale. Your set up, displays, expertise in managing the sale, post sale feedback,etc. were all excellent. You made it all seem so easy. I would highly recommend your services.
Mary Lou
I was sorting through business cards and apart from how eye catching yours is, I wanted just to thank both of you again for the very real help you gave my sister Willa and I when we were preparing our mother’s home for sale last autumn. With one of us in Toronto, and One in Virginia, the logistics were daunting, compounded by being out of touch with the Montreal market and resources. As with other families, it is a hard thing to “sell “ some of the possessions that others have treasured . You got the job done,obstacles and all, and it made a huge difference to the time line we were able to implement. Here we are in March, and the house is sold, 5 months after we called you in to help prepare it. On a personal note, I hope the newly weds are flourishing. That too was impressive, that you worked together(without sleep?) to meet our deadline. many hugs, and shalom.
Diana DeBoe
Hi Ronda, We were completely satisfied with your service. I also must add you are lovely to work with. I appreciated your honesty in the appraisal of the estate contents. My mother was giddy with the results. Your team was great. The condo was clean and empty when I took the last look yesterday. The agent who sold the condo for Mom is moving next spring. I have highly recommended you to her to deal with her estate. Keep well. Hope to see you again.
Ronda Bly is one of the most responsible, trustworthy merchants I have ever met. I live in Long Island and had an estate sale in Montreal. She was careful, tasteful and highly informed. She helped me sell the comntents of a three story house, clean it up and sell a car in the course of her one week sale. When she is on your estate sale she is 100% attentive. As for honesty, she protected me from some possible tricks and scams. Her price was fair and records of sale immaculate. I am using her again for some small pieces of jewellery in New York She remains personable, has a beautiful smile that wins customers and estate sellers and has an extensive circle of contacts that tailors your sale to the goods that you need to make money on. Can't say enough.
E. Hoffmann
Having decided to sell a huge loft and buy a smaller more compact apartment I found myself being overwhelmed by an incredible amount of things. From furniture, china, jewelry to clothing and everything in between, I did not see how I could manage by myself the sale of almost everything, wanting to drastically scale down. I asked one of the finest antique dealers in the city a suggestion on how to go about this. He recommended Ronda Bly as he had recommended her before on previous estates. Immediately on the phone, everything was simple. The appointment was set quickly and she was on perfect time at each meeting. The discussion was easy and I was quickly at ease with the whole concept. Everything was priced by Ronda as I wanted. I left it all in her hands and her very capable team. The success of the sale was beyond my expectations. Her mandate from me was clear-liquidate in the last few hours- whatever was left. I came back 2 days later to find an almost empty apartment very clean and rearranged to make her customer feel comfortable in the space. The financial part was equally an incredible success and I am very pleased and completely satisfied. All this with her warmth and generosity as she understands that with big moves can come emotions and she offered support in this area also. I highly recommend her services considering the time investment and expertise of product that she brings all of which was a very successful and freeing venture.
M. P., Plateau Mt-Royal
Ronda helped me enormously during a very challenging time, with the practical details of selling off my late mother’s collections and furniture. Ronda’s professional expertise, humour and warmth felt like a salve. I highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to settle this aspect of an estate/downsize their home.
N.L. Montréal
I decided to work with Ronda Bly and her team for my moving sale. They exceeded my expectations. They took care of every last detail before, during and after the sale. I highly recommend them.
R. L., Outremont, QC
Ronda, Thank you so much for all your help, your kind, professional manner, and your support. You helped make part of a big step quite painless for me. I feel lucky to have found your company to help facilitate my estate sale and would recommend you to anyone.
J. P., Westmount, QC
Dear Ronda, The thought of having an estate sale was overwhelming to say the least. Selling all the items in a home can be a stressful task. There are many different emotional aspects as well as the desire to realize appropriate compensation for your ‘treasures’. I was relieved to have your help. I especially appreciated your sincere interest and extra effort in helping me distribute ‘special’ items to family members, friends and charities. Thank you for a job well done.
T. R., Hampstead, QC
I just want to thank you for all your hard work at our moving sale. I just couldn’t believe how effortlessly empty the house was when we went back there.
J. K., Westmount, QC
Six months ago, I was asked to be one of the Liquidators of the Estate of a former client of mine. The most difficult part of this duty was dealing with the sizeable amount of contents of a large four bedroom house, including an automobile. As these contents were largely unwanted by the beneficiaries, we required a professional to deal with the sale and removal of the Estate contents. We hired Ronda Bly to develop a professional inventory of the contents of the residence and prepare the many items for sale. In addition, we asked Ronda to provide the unsold items to charity and otherwise clean out the house in order to prepare it for sale. Our experience with Ronda was just excellent. She carefully catalogued and valued the house contents, ran a very successful sales process, and diligently dealt with the donation of the unsold items. In addition, she supervised the removal of a substantial amount of refuse from the property. Throughout the process, Ronda Bly was diligent, disciplined, careful, and highly communicative. She took care of a very big job for us, for which we were very grateful. In my opinion, Ronda is a true professional
David J. Stenason
I had the privilege of dealing with you for my mother’s estate sale last March, and have to say quite frankly that you did an outstanding job! From our initial conversations to the finality of the closing of the house, you were most helpful, very understanding towards our needs, but mainly, extremely available at all times. I would never hesitate to refer your firm for future clients, and please do not hesitate to give my name as a potential referral as you are an honest and dedicated person. My sincere respects & regards
André J. Côté
Anyone who is in a position to need Ronda Bly’s services need not look any further. Ronda is able to meet the challenge practically and personably. Ronda was professional and had the expertise, knowledge and experience needed to meet the challenge of our estate sale. Ronda was always warm, compassionate and caring and made a difficult and overwhelming situation easy. We couldn’t have done it without her. I have recommended Ronda to others and will continue to do so without hesitation.
R.L. Snowdon