Personal Property Appraisals

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Ronda Bly Appraisers are highly qualified to appraise every type of personal property. We are Certified Personal Property Appraisers and accredited members of good standing of the CPPAG (Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group).

Our knowledge in antiques, fine art, silver, china, porcelain, jewelry, collectibles, furniture, books, rugs, objets d’art, designer and vintage clothing is extensive.

Our appraisals include on-site examination of the items, inventory of the items to be appraised and digital photographs. Any relevant documentation such as invoices, receipts or old appraisals will be considered when assessing the items. After the information on the items to be appraised has been collected we will proceed with the research.

Evaluations are researched from books, professional publications, international auction sales results, annual price indices, online subscription databases, internet resources, and broad field experience. On occasion, individual experts may be contacted when dealing with specific rare items.

Appraisals are prepared for various reasons, such as estate settlements, downsizing, replacement valuation insurance companies, fair market valuation, estate trustees and executors, divorce and/or equal distribution and charitable donations.

Once the research is complete, you will receive a report detailing each item with its appropriate appraisal.